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Sa Brde'

Sa Brde' Facial Steamer

Sa Brde' Facial Steamer

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MOISTURISE & PURIFY SKIN - Sa Brde' facial steamer for home, turns water into nano steam which penetrate pores to take away impurities, moisturizing skin, and accelerate blood circulation, thereby make face skin delicate, healthy, and glowing.

RICH AND WARM MIST – Abundant warm mist produced within 20 seconds, which more effectively unclogged pores and thoroughly clean away dirt, makeup, oil, blackheads, and other impurities from deep pore while the warm nano steam is also mild for sensitive skin.

ENHANCES ABSORPTION Make your skin more effectively absorb nutrient when using facial masks, lotions, and other skincare products after steamed your face skin with this face steamer.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – This home facial steamer also functions as a vaporizer and humidifier. It also can help to relive blocked nose.

SAFE & EASY TO USE : Just add distilled water and start with one button, and then you can enjoy a relaxing face spa at home. The overheat protection enables you and your family to safely use this facial

*These are the same tools skincare specialists use to remove skin impurities and it is ideally suited to use after your pores are open following steaming THE SIMPLE & NATURAL 3 STEP PROCESS FOR FLAWLESS SKIN Use Sa Brde Nano Streamer to open pores Use the included skin kit to remove impurities from open pores Apply your favorite creams, serums and masks Please maintain at least 8 inches distance from the steam nozzle. SUITABLE GIFT Help family take care of their skin while eliminating their day's fatigue, the most thoughtful gift.


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