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Men Beard Grooming Kit

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Men Grooming kit comes with premium packaging, making it gift ready!

Includes: reusable magnetic storage box & bag

Beard Oil
Reduce split-ends
Softens facial hair
Nourishes the skin underneath
Promote active growth 

Beard Bum

Softens and Condition 
Helps in Styling and Taming 
Gives Some Volume 
Prompts growth

Taming and Trimming Tools

Solid Wood Comb
Keeps frizz away & help sculpt the beard into place
  Use prior to using the styling balm. Helps identify strays that need snipping.
Pure Boar Hair Brush
Keep facial hair well-groomed/neat
Help distribute oil
Improves hair texture without causing irritation
Stainless Steel Scissor
Great for trimming your beard right in the comfort of your home.
Beard Shaper/Liner
•Defines the shape
•Creates A Perfect Line
•Time Convenient