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Sa Brde'

Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Grooming Kit

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Sa Brde' is making waves with its unique and upgraded products that not only work best but are also available & affordable. From skincare to self-care products each item has been tested by professionals to ensure only the highest quality product reaches YOU.

Beard Grooming is something that can make or break your look that’s why grooming it and maintaining its shape to suite your style is of utmost importance. A well-groomed beard and mustache give you a sleek and sharp look and make you look extra handsome. Who doesn’t want that? Our 6 pcs beard lineup tools kit includes:

· Wooden Comb

· Wood & Broad bristles Brush

· Stainless Steel Scissor

· Linen Bag

· Comb Leather Pouch

· Scissor PVC Bag

Comb Wooden beard comb and leather bag for storage Wooden beard comb for men is made of quality and sturdy wood with double-sided bristles design to comb beard hair smoothly.

One side of bristles is wide to remove tangles and other side bristles are narrow to style and comb hair for a groomed look. Fine teeth bristles of moustache comb are perfect for short hair and moustache while medium wide bristles are ideal for combing through thick, fine, and long beard. Back leather bag is included to safely store beard comb and take with you while traveling. The advantage of wooden comb is that is gradually soaks up natural oils and over time not only nourishes your beard hair but also help with thinning hair and split dried ends. Brush Beard brush with natural boar bristles Boar bristles beard brush is super-effective at massaging skin, thoroughly combing out beard hair, removing shed hair, & to keep your skin smooth and healthy. With regular use of beard brush you will notice your beard hair stay neat and clean while your skin feels smooth and clean.

You can also use beard brush to thoroughly distribute beard oils and balm (Sa Brde' Hair & Beard Serum & Beard balms will be perfect) onto your hair to nourish beard from roots. This allows better circulation to the beard area and provides smooth hair free of split ends and damage. Stimulates new hair growth while properly removing shed hair. Durable, non-shedding, and skin-friendly bristles help you style your beard in no time. Neat and sharp beard is the game changer! Scissors Premium-quality stainless steel scissors with storage bag: Beard brush kit also includes high-quality corrosion and rust proof stainless-steel scissors with a grip-friendly handle and pointed sharp blades to keep beard hair under control. Sharp scissors help trim overgrowing and stray hair of beard and mustache to give a well-groomed and sleek look without having to visit barbershop every time.


Beard Shaping Tool Kit for Men: Linen string bag for brush, scissors pouch, & comb bag is included so you can easily store all the items and take with you while traveling, to groom yourself any time anywhere. Easily fits in any travel bag, gym bag, or suitcase. No worries about looking your best at all! Comb Well-groomed & perfect-looking beard each time: Maintaining and grooming beard is made easy with this NURINA beard trimming kit available at highly affordable. Each item is designed using premium-quality material and offers great functionality. With this beard set you will always be able to pull-off perfectly groomed and sleek beard and moustache without having to spend a lot of time.

GREAT GIFT IDEA for that special gentleman in your life on birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day, father’s day, or any other special occasion. Always look your best with this beard trimming kit by your side!


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