Our Sa Brde’™ exfoliation scrubs pampers your skin and clears out your pores. Exfoliation is a method that is used to remove the dead skin cells and leave behind the fresh new skin cells. This gives the skin improved quality and appearance. Exfoliation removes these old, dry, dull skin cells, makeup and stimulates the renewal of fresh, healthy skin cells leaving the skin looking young and smooth.

I just wanted to let you know that I had a ezema out break a couple of months ago and decided not to use the prescribed medication as treatment, but instead used your body butter and was amazed by the results. I instantly felt relief from itching and irritation then within 24 hours the area started clearing up!! I'm definitely sold on your product. The soap is also amazing!! I never feel dry after bathing.

~ Janet Kenner

I have used Sabrde butter for over 10 years. I use it on my hair, face and body. It moisturizers my skin without feeling heavy or hot. I also use it for blemishes and burns ...and it's really great in helping to heal fast! I have soooo many instances of when I used it and it helped immediately and sped up the healing process.
I also use it on my grand babies who are 3 and 5..not only for daily moisturizing but for bumps, scrapes and insect bites! I was actually a bit suprised at how well it helped with diaper rash..a severe case cleared up in a few days!
It's a great all purpose product. I also use the oil, lip balm and have given the beard balm as gifts! It's such a great product. ~ Tre Tailor

I ordered some butter cream for my 10 month old daughter who had a scar on here eye. Four days later the scar has cleared up. Im so thankful for this product. The owner Samantha is so very professional.

~ Treska Johnson

My 10 year old has eczema and we have been trying to find a soap and moisture that works for her. I bought the moisture bar, liquid Shea butter, and the shea butter about 3 weeks ago and we have seen a huge difference in her son health.

~ Cali Nikki

I have been using Sa Brde' butter for more than 3 years and I cannot say enough about this product. My skin is softer, my hair holds its shine and is more manageable and my feet feel like cotton! I highly recommend its use for your entire family.

~ Stacy McPhail